Winter Storm Prep

Winter Storm Prep

Three Proactive Steps for Winter Storm Prep

While we live in Minnesota & winter storms are inevitable, how many of you actually prepare for them? Follow our guide below for proactive Winter Storm Prep tips and get through this next storm safely!

1. Create An Emergency Kit

  • Include items like jumper cables, flares/reflective triangles, blankets and cat litter/sand for traction;
  • Basic vehicle kits also include items such as: bottled water, extra clothes, flashlights and snacks;
  • Download this Emergency Supply List to use!

2.  Prep Your Vehicle

  • Fill your gas tank ahead of the storm; you may be stuck on a road for some time, or power outages may prevent you from filling up afterwards. A full tank also helps to prevent fuel lines from freezing;
  • If you don’t already have them, put on your winter tires or chains/studs (if allowed;)
  • Have a tow strap & jumper cables handy;
  • Put an emergency kit in your vehicle (see #1 above;)
  • You may also want to include a small shovel, extra antifreeze & oil.

3.  Prep Your Home

  • Shovel off any snow to help prevent roof collapse and ice dams;
  • Insulate any pipes that may freeze, trickle your water or other preventative measures;
  • Test smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors & their battery backups;
  • Be prepared to stay home for a few days if needed: adequate food & bottled water, medications, warm clothes, blankets & even pet food!
  • Ensure any outdoor animals are considered – extra bedding or indoor shelter if available, along with adequate food & (thawed) water;
  • Fully charge your batteries, cell phones and any other items requiring electricity; be prepared for outages.
  • Check insulation, weather stripping & caulking – repair/replace if needed beforehand;
  • Have your shovel by your door (to shovel your way out!)
  • Have your toolbox ready (to turn off pipes, etc.)

Also, don’t forget to look after your friends, family & neighbors!

In the event you do sustain any damage, whether vehicle or home, be sure to keep safety in mind before attempting any repairs.

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