Are Your Buildings at Risk of Collapse?

Roof Collapse

When Shoveling Snow – Don’t forget your outbuildings!

Due to the possible levels of snowfall & ice build-up on roofs throughout Minnesota, many outbuildings have the potential to sustain damage and/or collapse.

Taking the time & effort to remove the snow and ice from the roofs of your buildings will benefit you. Besides the damage to your property covered by your insurance policy, you *may* have substantial uninsured loss. This could include:

  • downtime to your operation;
  • the additional cost of debris removal;
  • the loss of items that cannot be replaced; or
  • the value of your policy deductible.

Call your agent or check your policy to confirm your policy includes collapse coverage, as typically home policies do. RAM Mutual states:

“We have paid for and will continue to pay for the peril of collapse from the weight of snow and ice. However, we are asking for your help.” They continue to suggest “If your buildings have large amounts of snow and ice on them, please consider removing it. We recommend that this be completed in a cautious and safe manner. With the potential for additional accumulations of snow and ice, anything you can do to reduce the risk of collapse will benefit you.”

The University of Minnesota Extension offers some safety and preventative measures regarding ag building roof collapses here:

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