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Life & Health Customer Service Representative 

Read what customers have to say about our team...

Ivan Fiske, August 2021

This agency is both caring and professional. That is, I soon realized that I was a valued customer, and not merely a statistic. **customer since 2020**

Robin & Marsha Skelton, July 2021

You are always looking out for us and are caring Barb **customer since 2016**

James & Theresa Osweiler, July 2021

Great customer service. Also Barb was very knowledgeable about what we needed **customer since 2019**

Donna Robbins, July 2021

I always recommend you to my friends. Everyone is very friendly. Holly has been especially helpful when I have questions/issues with my medical coverage. I also appreciate your sponsorship of the over-55 drivers class and the savings that gives me on my auto insurance. **customer since 2013**

Barbara Miller & Kim Hoiem, July 2021

Your staff has always been friendly and helpful. In addition, we have worked with Jeni when trying to navigate insurance plans to supplement our Medicare. Jeni is extremely knowledgeable and is a dream to work with. She can summarize plan information accurately and succinctly, and answer all your questions. And best of all, she has […]

Ivan & Kathleen Fiske, July 2021

Simply put…Barb is a caring professional who takes the time to explain policy options, so that proper decisions might be made. Such service is certainly rare in our era. **customer since 2020**

John & Debra Moffatt, July 2021

We have worked with Joni and Jeni. They are both professional and helpful. They also feel more like friends than just insurance agents. They take the time and always help us get the best deal for our money. They go above and beyond. **customer since 2013**

Timothy & Susan McNeilly, July 2021

Love both Jeni and Julene!!!!! They Always help us! **customer since 2013**

Robert & Karen Knowles, July 2021

Jeni Olander has always been extremely helpful to us. She is very knowledgeable and patient. **customer since 2018**

Kevin & Rae Tomczak, July 2021

Jeni Olander has been wonderful with keeping insurance straight and helpful with everything! **customer since 2021**

Jim & Maureen Gassert, July 2021

Love Jenny and her knowledge when we needed a supplemental insurance! **customer since 2014**

Mark & Charlene Graham, July 2021

We are very satisfied with your agency. Jack and Barb have been extremely helpful! **customer since 2018**

Ronald & Julie Harms, July 2021

We just wanted to share when we moved here, we knew we had to change health insurance and decided to try T&C. So glad we did, met with Holly and she went over our coverage choices, helped us get into the plan that were just right for our needs and was always available for questions. […]

Alan & Hannah Hjelmberg, July 2021

We have been with Town & Country for as long as we can remember. Gabe and Jeni are great agents who have always taken care of us, on the personal side as well as our business. Whenever insurance problems come up in conversation with others, I always ask who their agent is, and I simply […]

Richard & Therese Prihoda, July 2021

Barb is very responsive to questions, very knowledgeable & so helpful. **customer since 2020**

Michael & Debbie Norling, July 2021

Barb was very helpful in picking out our Medicare supplement. **customer since 2021**

Mark & Pauline Peterson, July 2021

We attended a meeting where Barb Rabe was the speaker & we were impressed with her knowledge of supplemental insurance. We kept her card & when the time came called her & she was very helpful. **customer since 2020**

LaLonne Strand, July 2021

Barb Rabe and all her associates have been steady, valuable insurance resource for my family for many years. You made our lives much easier and much less stressful. **customer since 2012**

Lauren Rabe, July 2021

Barb Rabe is the most knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate insurance agent I’ve ever had! **customer since 2019**

Loren & Carole Samuelson, July 2021

Barb Rabe is great to answer questions. She has a lot of knowledge and experience. **customer since 2013**

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