Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Flooded Town

We don’t need flood insurance, we don’t live by a lake”, “We are up on a hill, we don’t need flood insurance” or “It will never happen where we live”.

I hear these answers a lot when the question of flood insurance is brought up.

As we’re getting to the end of winter, the spring months are right around the corner, I promise, well…maybe. The inches and inches of snow we get in April or dare I say May, have to go somewhere.  When the ground is still frozen but the weather is warm enough to melt the snow in a day or two, where is the melting snow going to go?  If the melted snow enters your home, this is excluded on home insurance policies since it is considered flood.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind before you say no to the question “Would you be interested in a flood quote?”.  Say it has rained for a couple of days or maybe a week straight, we’re in Minnesota, that could happen.  The ground is soaked, puddles of water or large amounts of water are standing where there is normally grass.  If the rain continues, where is the rain water going to go if the ground is soaked already? This water may seep through basement flooring into your home, or it may come into your home through lower level windows.

Did you know that flood is excluded on your home insurance policies?  Did you know that you do not have to live on a lake to have your home flood?  Did you know that you can purchase flood insurance, even if you do not live by a body of water?

Water entering your home by seepage or through walls or windows is not covered by home insurance.  This would be considered flood, which is excluded on home insurance.  When we get calls where this has happened, it is one of the hardest things to have to tell someone,  “I’m sorry, there is no coverage under your home policy for this happening “.  Depending on where you live, flood could be an affordable coverage option for you.

Author: Christy Sundet, Licensed Personal Lines Insurance Agent 

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