Winterizing your Summer Cabin

Winterizing your Summer Cabin

By April Alberg & Emmalee Sundet

Getting ready for winter is no joke, us Minnesotans know that once October hits, snow is just around the corner and could hit any day. So, taking care of those pesky details to get ready for the long and cold winter ahead of us is important. One of those pesky details that need to get done before the first snowfall is winterizing your cabin.

  • Get the outside of your cabin ready for winter! Mow the lawn one last time, clean out those gutters and make sure that your toys and lawnmower are put away for the season!
  • The next step is inside the house- make sure that everything is cleaned, clean out the fridge, and each of the rooms making sure there is nothing that could attract unwanted guests. Don’t forget to take out the trash as well!
  • While you are inside, make sure that your plumbing is shut off. The last thing you want is a burst pipe in your summer home. After shutting it off you’ll want to open all faucets, this includes inside and outside, to ensure that all the water is out of the pipes. Then you are going to pour RV antifreeze (the pink stuff) down the drain to make sure that the water is still able to move freely in the pipes.
  • Make sure that all appliances are put away and unplugged. This includes the fridge, stoves, anything that are outlet based. This prevents the potential for fires!
  • The final thing that you should get done is a final walk through. Just to make sure you didn’t miss anything and to grab any trash that may be left. Don’t forget to secure your cabin as part of your last step.  You can also set up exterior lights on a timer to give the illusion someone is still there, have motion lights or set up a camera. Make sure to take anything valuable with you and not leave it behind for the risk of potential burglars.

Doing these steps ensure that your summer cabin stays the place where you will keep making memories and not have to worry about potential surprises- like a burst pipe! There are other steps you can take, such as making sure that the thermostat is set to the appropriate temperature or turned off. If you do not want to leave your cabin vacant for the winter, there are options such as Minnestay or AirBnb to rent out your cabin for the winter months, but be sure to consult us first to make sure that your insurance coverage is adequate for rental situations.