Spring Break 2020

Travel Medical


Traveling Over Spring Break?

It’s almost Spring Break! A peak time of travel is almost here for many individuals and families, and so is the worry of Coronavirus.

What if you get sick or hurt on your trip outside the US? Are you covered?

Check your health insurance before you leave and learn what services your health plan will cover if a situation arises. A simple phone call to your health insurance carrier can help you.

Note, some plans may not offer coverage outside the US at all. Other plans may cover emergencies, but you may have to pay all charges up front with your credit card, and upon return submit a paper claim with a bill showing US currency. What about medical evacuation back to the US? According to the US State Department, medical evacuation can cost more than $50,000, depending on your location and medical condition.

How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Plans?

The news has daily stories on the Coronavirus outbreak which has impacted thousands of individuals, mainly in Wuhan City, Hubel Province of China, where it was originally reported at the end of last year.  Reports of confirmed cases outside of China are increasingly being identified.  As of February 8, 2020, the US State Department issued a level 4 travel advisory for China and noted that the CDC has enhanced screening in place in several US locations for inbound flights from Wuhan.  Currently there is no vaccine and person-to-person transmission is possible.

We urge you to consult with your health care providers for any concerns on this and other viruses, and we encourage all our customers to use all precautions to stay healthy and safe, particularly in the long winter where we see increases in illnesses.

What Does A Travel Medical Policy Cover?

If you do have an adventure planned soon, be sure to check with your respective health plan so you understand your coverage. Going abroad? Barb and Holly in our Life & Health Department in Hinckley are both available to answer any questions on international medical insurance and provide you with peace of mind for your next trip. It’s surprisingly affordable and includes emergency medical transportation, lost luggage and post-departure trip interruption coverage. You also get a handy app which provides current travel advisories, preferred medical facilities in your travel area and more! We just need your name, travel destination & times, and birthday to provide a quote.

A little effort up front may save you from a lot of frustrations during your upcoming vacation!

View the CDC’s Update on Coronavirus Below