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Shiela Ann Francis, July 2021

You have always answered all my questions and are willing to go there extra mile to help me anytime over the last 2 decades. Rachel has been very kind and so patient with me no matter how long it takes. Her assistance is a rare commodity. Your company is very dependable. Thank you very much! […]

Timothy Vandeberg, July 2021

Rachel is my agent and I feel that she has gone above and beyond to help me get the right coverage **customer since 2013**

Michael Gruwell & Laura Petry, July 2021

Rachel is always so accommodating, and very friendly. **customer since 2013**

Peter & Lynette Thorvig, July 2021

I like that you represent many companies. Rachel is always helpful. **customer since 2014**

Michael & Karen Stroinkski, July 2021

The staff at the Hinckley office are outstanding. Rachel always goes beyond our expectations **customer since 2014**

Daniel Peschl, July 2021

Because of your willingness to answer questions at any time, and your prompt helpfulness with issues or problems that may arise with new policies or cancellation existing insurances to form another policy. Thank you Rachel you’ve been so great! **customer since 2020**

Paul Holmes, July 2021

I am happy with the help on my insurance. **customer since 2013**

Jes, April 2021

Rachel is always willing to help whenever I call with questions about my policy or for new policy questions. Thank you so much for making insurance easier for me and my family.

Elaine, April 2021

It was so nice just to talk to someone who was ready to listen to me for what I wanted.

Michelle Olson, April 2021

We have used Town & Country for many, many years. All claims have been processed fast with no complications. The staff is amazing. Rachel always has our best interest in mind and searches for the lowest insurance rates. I couldn’t ask for a better representative.

Tom, March 2021

Rachel was wonderful and a great help in switching auto & home insurance. She was completely thorough, worked diligently to get me the best coverage & price.

J.P. , January 2021

I had checked into several different options for my Medicare supplement, and between the clams of getting the medicare premiums back in your ss check, and having to pay additional premiums, I got confused and felt muddled. I had worked with Town & Country on my auto insurance and combining my house insurance. (Thanks, Rachel!) […]

Bruce, January 2021

Rachel has helped us to acquire all of our insurance policies (auto, farm, home, motorcycle) for good coverage with minimum premiums. Her input was well-appreciated.

Brittany & Brian Swanson, January 2021

Great Service! We were just looking for prices and Rachel went above and beyond! Would recommend everyone to give her a call! Thank you Rachel 🙂 The Swansons **customer since 2021**

Bob & Deb, December 2020

My wife and I wanted to take a moment to thank Town & Country for, once again, providing amazing service for us during this very difficult year. We can appreciate how difficult it must be to operate a business that depends greatly on person to person interaction. Your handling of the situation has been exemplary. […]

Judy, December 2020

Jeni has been advising me on medical insurance for many years. I have absolute confidence in her expertise and recommendations.  In addition Rachel at the Hinckley office has offered the same great service for my home and vehicle coverage. They are the experts. Judy

Winterizing your Summer Cabin

October 14, 2021

By April Alberg & Emmalee Sundet Getting ready for winter is no joke, us Minnesotans know that once October hits, snow is just around the corner and could hit any day. So, taking care of those pesky details to get ready for the long and cold winter ahead of us is important. One of those […]

Winter Ready

October 14, 2021

By Christy Sundet As the seasons turn cold, we start to put our summer “toys” away and start getting ready for the Minnesota winter.  As you’re moving your lawn mower to the back, making room for your snow blower, don’t forget to get your woodstove and chimney ready for winter.  If you burn wood, your […]

Motorcycle: Chris Owen, Sturgis 2015

Think About Motorcycles

May 13, 2021

Spring is here, which means you’ll likely see more motorcycles on the road. And the key word here is “see.” People driving cars and trucks often fail to notice the motorcyclists around them, partly because they’re not accustomed to looking for them. Unless it’s a shiny new hog, we generally don’t think about motorcycles. It’s […]

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