Driving for an App

Driving for an App

What’s a better way to get some extra cash then to drive for Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, or any other service through a mobile app?  You make your own hours and decide how much/little you want to be available.  Sure, you have car insurance and you’re a good driver, right?  But your personal auto policy only covers you for personal use of your auto.  Once you sign into an app, your coverage goes bye bye, UNLESS you amend your policy to provide the coverage needed.

Amending your policy gives you the coverage you need from the time you:

(1) sign into the app until you accept a job

(2) some carriers will continue to give you coverage as you drive to the destination.

(3) However, once the pick-up happens, the mobile app carrier (Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, etc.) will provide the insurance and your policy is no longer providing any coverage.

Moral of the story, in order to have coverage for step 1 and maybe step 2, make sure you call us before you log onto any mobile driving app.  And make sure that the mobile app carrier is providing the coverage for step 3, because your personal auto policy will not.

***The insurance companies all have their own policy language and interpreter cover differently. This is not an insurance policy or guarantee of coverage Always contact your agent for clarification on your policy***

April Alberg & Emmalee Sundet