Heading South for the Winter?

Heading South for the Winter?

We are again approaching that time of year when many of you will be headed to warmer climates for the winter. It is important to remind you to take the necessary measures to properly winterize your dwelling while they are away. Such things could include:

  • Prevent the home from appearing unoccupied
    • Forward mail, stop newspaper delivery and as a friend to pick up items that may be left at the door.
    • Arrange for someone to remove snow after storms.
    • Install motion-sensitive exterior lights and interior lights on timers and set them to come on at varying times.
  • Maintain heat in the dwelling; make arrangements to keep propane tanks filled as needed
  • Drain water pipes; consider pouring non-toxic antifreeze in toilet tanks and bowls to prevent any remaining water from freezing
    • If you decide against draining the water pipes to maintain the heat in the home and open room and cabinet doors so the heat can circulate where the pipes are located
  • Consider installing monitoring equipment as well as an app on their cell phone to alert them to any sudden temperature changes in the dwelling
  • Have a designated person available to keep watch over the dwelling and make occasional interior checks of the property

Not only will this help prevent a major loss but will also hopefully save you from the frustrations of coming home to a major mess.

North Star Mutual Insurance Company; November 2022 Newsletter

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