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  • Earning my LUTCF designation in 2014.
  • My son Connor!

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JB 4.28.20

I retired recently, and was fortunate enough to have had friends that retired before me. These friends recommended calling Jeni Olander at Town & Country Insurance to begin discussing supplemental insurance to Medicare. I contacted Jeni and she was a wealth of information to tap – choosing the wound up being smooth & easy. I […]

SP & MP 3.10.20

We have worked with Jeni Olander for many years. She has done a great job at taking care of our health insurance needs. We have referred her to friends of ours.

Anonymous 3.9.20

Jeni is an absolute lifesaver! As I was preparing to retire, I was given incorrect information from an insurance agent who was trying to sell me a private health insurance policy. I was told that I did not qualify for MNSure and my only option was private health insurance or COBRA. Both options are very […]

Robert D. Eadie 2.8.20

Jeni, I am writing this note to let you know how much I appreciate the amount of time you spent with me so that I would make the right decisions. Having run my own restaurant for over 16 years, I know how important “word of mouth” is. The decision you helped me to make were […]

SRJ 1.30

I’ve worked with Jeni for the past seven(??) years and have found her so pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. I’m very satisfied and comfortable with the decision she helps me make.

Jean Leustek via Google 2.23.20

Tackling medical insurance is something no one should have to do! I am grateful for the past several years to have Jeni Olander to do this for my family. The questions answered and the guidance to which policies would work the best for us has been outstanding.

Jerry & Joyce Tvedt 2.20.20

I have been a T&C customer since 1970! Since that time I’ve had the pleasure of working with several staff and have never had a bad experience! The current staff we work with are Jeni & Julene – they are both excellent to work with, always looking out for our best interest with integrity and […]

C&A 2.13.20

We have worked with Jeni Olander during open Medicare registration for the past two years. Can’t thank her enough for leading us through the maze of supplemental and Part D insurance. Completely knowledgeable and charming lady representing your (agency.) We will continue with Jeni and recommend her to anyone needing an agent.

Cecile Cross-Maser – via Facebook 1.21.20

I get all of my insurance, home, auto, and supplemental health, from this agency. I really appreciate that it is home town and community folk who share a history. I recently became able to tap into Medicare, but found it to be inadequate. Jeni O. was a veritable fountain of knowledge of the available options […]

Vernon & Dianne Severson – 1.24.20

Jeni, was good to see you again. You always listen to us and understand what our needs are. We liked how you were all prepared to show us what our options were, and explained each plan to use fully. Not only that, you were never in a hurry to rush through any of the health […]

Anonymous – 1.22.20

It was a pleasure working with Jeni at Town & Country Insurance. She is very knowledgeable and was able to address all of our concerns in a polite & professional manner.

Anonymous – 1.21.20

Jeni helped us with our medical insurance. She was very easy to understand & she is very considerate. When she sad she would call you back, she did. We are pleased with Jeni. Thank you for your help & understanding.

Gary & Paulette Skalicky – 1.19.20

Jeni – we don’t have to worry about our healthcare. She tells us like it is. We depend on her & your service for health care. Jeni is very friendly and always says hi. We are so thankful for this service. Jeni finds the best service for our money & what works best for us.

Doris Brust Rysdam – via Facebook 1.18.20

We have used Town & Country for our home insurance for quite a few years and knew this is where we would want to go for our health insurance needs once we retired. We found Jeni Olander so helpful at our first meeting. She was so personable, knowledgeable and met our needs right away. Made […]

Jay Sheehan – via FB 1.18.20

Town & Country Insurance has been great; I go to Finlayson MN . Jeni and Judy there have been helpful in finding all that my wife and I need for our insurance needs. They are both awesome ladies I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt they really understand their products and how to make […]

Christine Evans – 1.10.20

I have been a customer of Town & Country for quite a few years. Jeni with my medical & Rachel for my truck. I’ve never had a problem – only wonderful service, that I can trust. I feel very “safe” with them handling any of my problems or questions! It’s a tremendous company! You can […]

Jason Jacobs – 1.2.20 from Google

Jennifer was knowledgeable, quick to get back to me and polite. A good experience working with her.

Gary & Jill Smetana – 1/2/20 from Google

Jenny O. (does) an awesome job, Helping with our Health Ins. Very Glad for her help!

Myrna Williamson – 12/31/19

Jeni is an absolutely wonderful asset to your insurance (agency.) She is so helpful in everything I have asked for help with. She gives 100% of herself.

Lee & Lyne Johnson – 12/26/19

Lyne & I are very happy with the help & service we get from Jeni & her office. She helps us with insurance plans – this service is great.

No-Contact Life Insurance Process

May 20, 2020

Get approved for life insurance with EMCNL’s completely remote, no-contact Life Insurance process. Town & Country Insurance, along with EMC National Life Company (EMCNL) care about protecting your health and well-being while providing the best life insurance protection possible. With EMCNL’s accelerated life insurance products, you can now apply for fully underwritten life insurance without […]

Spring Break 2020

February 11, 2020

  Traveling Over Spring Break? It’s almost Spring Break! A peak time of travel is almost here for many individuals and families, and so is the worry of Coronavirus. What if you get sick or hurt on your trip outside the US? Are you covered? Check your health insurance before you leave and learn what […]

Natural Remedies

November 13, 2019

While traditional medicine is necessary and has its rightful place, there are a lot of natural ways to aid our physical, mental and emotional well-being. I tend to try the natural path to take care of minor ailments first, and wanted to share a few natural remedies that may be helpful to try at home […]

Life Insurance Tips

September 18, 2019

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month Jeni Olander, who brings 17 years of experience to our Life & Health Team, is our resident Life Insurance guru! Since September is #LIAM (Life Insurance Awareness Month,) we’d like to highlight a few things to know about life insurance. While it can seem unnecessary now, your family’s future may just […]

Father’s Day

June 11, 2019

Time to Honor Dad  With summer drawing near and the weather warming up, Minnesota’s neighborhoods come alive with the sights and sounds of the season: fishing boats, pontoons, lawnmowers, power tools and backyard barbecues, to name a few. For many people, those things all bring to mind one specific person: Dad. And since Father’s Day […]

What is a paramedical exam?

May 1, 2019

What is a paramedical exam? If you have ever applied for a Life Insurance policy, then you may have heard of a paramedical (paramed) exam. A paramed exam is an exam done by a medical professional and is used to gather data about your medical history and current medical status. They may take measurements, like […]

Make Earth Day Your Everyday

April 19, 2019

Earth Day may officially come around only once a year on April 22, but our world would be a better place if we all took steps to take care of the planet year round. So, we here at Town & Country Insurance put together several ways to both commemorate Earth Day and to live a little […]

Insurance Premium Scam Alert!

March 26, 2019

Scammers Are Impersonating Insurance Companies & Agents Recently, a customer of ours was contacted by a scammer who was impersonating an insurance company representative. The scammer insisted the customer’s policy was going to cancel if they did not pay (over the phone) immediately. Thankfully, this raised a red flag with the customer. They contacted their […]

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