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Janelle Landecker, October 2021

Thank you for your service in such short notice today and I enjoy working with Jenell Carlson. Thanks again for your Insurance **customer since 2021**

Mark & Cynthia Holley, July 2021

I have been working with Jenell for many years **customer since 2013**

Daniel Weidner, July 2021

As always, after reviewing my policies with Jenell Carlson. I was satisfied that I have the best coverage provided to me by Jenell that I know always has my best interests in mind. Thank you Jenell for taking the time and effort to discuss my policies and coverages with me. **customer since 2014**

David F, May 2021

We had the opportunity to meet with Jenell to review our home and auto policies. She was very friendly and well versed in answering all of our questions. She made good, sound suggestions and structured our policies to fit our needs. At no time were we pressured into making our decisions, and appreciated her willingness […]

Kristine Lindgren, May 2021

Jenell was wonderful. Explained everything leaving me totally care-free knowing I was well-taken care of and will be in the future with all my insurance needs. **customer since 2021**

Greg Johnson, April 2021

Their good guys and saved me money, plus lots of honesty! **customer since 2021**

Bryce B, April 2021

Jenell was very helpful and easy to work with. She answered any questions I had and explained everything to me so I could understand.  

Greg Krebs, April 2021

Very well and you were very kind.  


Jenell was fantastic and very resourceful in getting me the best auto insurance value for the buck. She went the extra mile. Thank you Jenell, you’re a super star!

Cindy Broadbent, March 2021

Jenell is a huge help with getting back my old insurance. She did a lot of work finding the best deal available. **customer since 1999**

Jesse, March 2021

Janelle was awesome. I was in a hurry and very disorganized on my part. She smiled and laughed through all my mess-ups, and in the end, still got me my insurance. And she didn’t make e feel stupid when I had to call for more money. That was awesome. Because obviously, I felt pretty dumb […]

TT, March 2021

Thank you for doing your job and being very good at it and looking out for our best interest.

TG, March 2021

Thank you for getting me the policy that works best for me; very satisfied.

Mackenzie Breheim, March 2021

Jenell was amazing! She was polite & explained so I could understand. Thank you!

Vicki, February 2021

My brother recommended Town & Country Insurance when I moved back to this area. So glad that he did. Just want to say Thank You for the great customer service. Janel was very friendly and very helpful. She got the best rates for my current needs and appreciate the personal service. Happy to be a […]

TS, February 2021

It was a very good experience & all questions were answered. Would refer anyone that was looking for insurance to come here!

Vicki Wallace, February 2021

Very good customer service. Jenell spent the time to find the best rate available. Happy they were recommended to me. **customer since 2021**

VC, February 2021

Jenell Carlson, thank you so much for all the TLC in attending to and resolving my mom’s house insurance coverage. You went above and beyond with your excellent customer service.

VC, February 2021

Jenell Carlson did an awesome job. Very helpful.

Mark Heinecke, February 2021

I Mark Heinecke had a great meeting with my NEW agent Jenell Carlson. She was up front about informing me of my insurance plan and she was honest with me. I truly enjoy my time with her. Thank you. Great to be back!! **customer since 2004**

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