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Dee Kotaska, April 2022

Very professional and helpful **customer since 2004**

Leo Jambor, August 2021

Christy Sundet is always prompt, professional, courteous and a pleasure to talk with. One of the best insurance agencies to do business with. Thank you! **customer since 2010**

Insurance After HS – A Short Guide To Protecting Your Stuff

May 22, 2019

Insurance after high school… You did it. You graduated. Now life begins! Along with these new beginnings come new responsibilities – college, trade school, full-time jobs, renting, owning homes & cars, medical bills, etc. So what do you REALLY need to worry about right now? Let’s figure it out! Could any of these scenarios apply […]

What is a paramedical exam?

May 1, 2019

What is a paramedical exam? If you have ever applied for a Life Insurance policy, then you may have heard of a paramedical (paramed) exam. A paramed exam is an exam done by a medical professional and is used to gather data about your medical history and current medical status. They may take measurements, like […]

Are you a Contractor bidding on jobs?

April 19, 2019

If you’re a Contractor or Sub-Contractor bidding on a job, be sure to ask  for a copy of the contract BEFORE submitting your bid. All too often, the contract requirements for insurance are overlooked initially. This can be the difference between a profitable job, or not. When you receive the contract, submit it to your […]

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