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Leo Jambor, August 2021

Christy Sundet is always prompt, professional, courteous and a pleasure to talk with. One of the best insurance agencies to do business with. Thank you! **customer since 2010**

Donald & Alice DeVaughn, July 2021

Everyone has always been wonderful, especially Christy **customer since 2014**

Rodney & Teika Sycks, July 2021

Christy Sundet is always so helpful with any questions that I come up with. You guys are doing fine. Thanks **customer since 2013**

Nancy Hanson, July 2021

Christy is always helpful and the rates are very reasonable on all my insurance packages. **customer since 2016**

Richard, May 2021

We are so pleased how Christy handled our accounts. She was very efficient and helpful.. She also has a very pleasant aura about her. We enjoyed working with her. We will definitely recommend her highly to our friends and family.

MP, February 2021

I have been happy with the way I was treated. Any question, I was always helped. I didn’t want to change to another Insurance company. You were very helpful and I have told people that I received great service from you all. I’m very sad that I have to change due to moving out of […]

MM, January 2021

Christy Sundet is a thoroughly professional agent. She makes sure all questions are answered, double-checks & researches anything that is not clear, & pays attention to details. She has great follow-through & is always cheerful, kind and patient with a sense of humor to boot.

Jan Shaw, December 2020

I wanted to review my rates and coverage and my representative found us a new and cheaper policy. She was quick with easy to answer questions. No hassle and it was done. Just that fast! Thank you! **customer since 1999**

Mary, October 2020

Christina was very helpful and responsive. She supplied answers quickly and provided a great service as we were changing insurances for auto and homes.  

Winterizing your Summer Cabin

October 14, 2021

By April Alberg & Emmalee Sundet Getting ready for winter is no joke, us Minnesotans know that once October hits, snow is just around the corner and could hit any day. So, taking care of those pesky details to get ready for the long and cold winter ahead of us is important. One of those […]

Winter Ready

October 14, 2021

By Christy Sundet As the seasons turn cold, we start to put our summer “toys” away and start getting ready for the Minnesota winter.  As you’re moving your lawn mower to the back, making room for your snow blower, don’t forget to get your woodstove and chimney ready for winter.  If you burn wood, your […]

Motorcycle: Chris Owen, Sturgis 2015

Think About Motorcycles

May 13, 2021

Spring is here, which means you’ll likely see more motorcycles on the road. And the key word here is “see.” People driving cars and trucks often fail to notice the motorcyclists around them, partly because they’re not accustomed to looking for them. Unless it’s a shiny new hog, we generally don’t think about motorcycles. It’s […]

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