Service Area

Service Area

Are you in Town & Country Insurance’s Service Area?

Most likely, YES! We have over 20 licensed agents who can write business in Minnesota. A few can even help you with properties in North Dakota, Wisconsin, Florida and Arizona – just ask!

Physical Office Locations

Town & Country Insurance has three offices across Minnesota: Finlayson, Hinckley & Mora. We are available Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Feel free to stop in anytime, for anything! If you have to wait, be sure to check out our annual Agency Yearbooks, which date back to 2017! Outside of the “national pandemic” we may even share our coffee and popcorn with you!

Just a Phone Call Away

If you’d prefer to talk on the phone – we can do that too! No matter which number you call (we have a few,) you’ll reach a live person! We’ve ALL had those frustrations of pressing all the buttons to get what we need… but not here! The only time you’d get an automated message is if 1) EVERYONE is on the phone or 2) it’s after business hours.

But it gets even better… in addition to being a live person, each of us is a licensed agent. This means that the person answering your call can help you! If you normally work with Agent A, but they are busy – the person on the phone can help you with your claim, payment, or general inquiry! How great is that!?

Online & More

Back in the olden days (okay, as recently as the 2000’s) we were limited to doing business out of our physical offices. But with the evolution of technology, the “cloud” and data security, we are able to do business virtually anywhere! (See what I did there?) Applications and policy documents can be sent securely via encrypted email service…you can even sign your applications digitally! To obtain information on property & vehicles, we are able to utilize resources such as KBB, VIN checks, Maps, Beacon, and satellite imagery.

You can initiate a conversation on our website via chat or email, or you can even schedule a virtual meeting with us. The ONE good thing that has come from the pandemic is that we have all become more familiar with our digital options. Whether its small things like learning how to change our Zoom background, or major things like actually figuring out how to Zoom!

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that no matter how you choose to do your business, we will meet you there. If your preference is to call, we’ll answer. If it’s to stop in, we will welcome you with a friendly smile. Or, if you prefer to type out questions and hit the send button, we’ll promptly reply. We look forward to serving you now, tomorrow and into the future!