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Real customers.

Cecile Cross-Maser – via Facebook 1.21.20

I get all of my insurance, home, auto, and supplemental health, from this agency. I really appreciate that it is home town and community folk who share a history. I recently became able to tap into Medicare, but found it to be inadequate. Jeni O. was a veritable fountain of knowledge of the available options […]

Gerry Gangl – via Facebook 2.3.20

Insurance coverage and policies are constantly changing. There is no way a person can stay on top of it. Our agent Barb Rabe is very friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable in helping guide us through the process of what policies best fit our needs. She also does a fantastic job following up and double checking to ensure […]

Anonymous – 1.29.20

Jenell was so very polite and professional. She explained everything so we could understand. Above all, she was considerate of our situation and made us feel confident. We can not thank her enough.

Tracy Slama Cegla – via Facebook 1.28.20

We made the dreadful inquiry to find alternative insurance options. We dealt with Christina Sundet at the Mora office and she was AMAZING! She made our experience pleasurable, was easy to work with, and timely in her responses. She was able to find us vehicle insurance at over half less than our precious policy. I […]

Anonymous – 1.24.20

Very outstanding service, happy to be going through this outfit for insurance. Would highly recommend for anybody; they treat you well and give you the best of options.

Vernon & Dianne Severson – 1.24.20

Jeni, was good to see you again. You always listen to us and understand what our needs are. We liked how you were all prepared to show us what our options were, and explained each plan to use fully. Not only that, you were never in a hurry to rush through any of the health […]

Mikaela Hughes – 1.22.20

Thank you! You’ve helped me find cheaper insurance for vehicle & home insurance. You have been very understanding with the house insurance and (getting) renters insurance for now while we are waiting to close on the house. Thank you again, I appreciate everything!

Anonymous – 1.22.20

It was a pleasure working with Jeni at Town & Country Insurance. She is very knowledgeable and was able to address all of our concerns in a polite & professional manner.

Anonymous – 1.21.20

Jeni helped us with our medical insurance. She was very easy to understand & she is very considerate. When she sad she would call you back, she did. We are pleased with Jeni. Thank you for your help & understanding.

Gary & Paulette Skalicky – 1.19.20

Jeni – we don’t have to worry about our healthcare. She tells us like it is. We depend on her & your service for health care. Jeni is very friendly and always says hi. We are so thankful for this service. Jeni finds the best service for our money & what works best for us.

Doris Brust Rysdam – via Facebook 1.18.20

We have used Town & Country for our home insurance for quite a few years and knew this is where we would want to go for our health insurance needs once we retired. We found Jeni Olander so helpful at our first meeting. She was so personable, knowledgeable and met our needs right away. Made […]

Jay Sheehan – via FB 1.18.20

Town & Country Insurance has been great; I go to Finlayson MN . Jeni and Judy there have been helpful in finding all that my wife and I need for our insurance needs. They are both awesome ladies I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt they really understand their products and how to make […]

Tom & Sissy Brabec – 1.13.20

We would like to thank Barb for doing an excellent job on informing us on choosing our medicare plans & supplement. Barb explained the different options available to us & helped us choose the plans that fit us. Again, thanks a lot Barb.

Anonymous – 1.13.20

Sarah Jerry from Town & Country Insurance was extremely helpful, thorough and went above what we needed! She understood our situation ~ and did this right before Christmas!

Christine Evans – 1.10.20

I have been a customer of Town & Country for quite a few years. Jeni with my medical & Rachel for my truck. I’ve never had a problem – only wonderful service, that I can trust. I feel very “safe” with them handling any of my problems or questions! It’s a tremendous company! You can […]

Anonymous – 1.8.20

Christy Sundet was very easy to talk to about my insurance needs. very professional atmosphere. Felt welcomed right when I walked into the door. Thank you.

P.W. – 1.8.20 (via voicemail)

We first started with your company just recently, and I would like to (say) that we have been treated very kindly, very well. There’s been no problems with anything. Any questions I had were answered right away. We had a lot of patience & professionalism dealt towards us & I want to have you pass […]

Barbara Jeppesen – 1.4.20 from Google

They are always very well informed and helpful. They find the best insurance that meets my needs. I recommend them highly. The service is great.

Jason Jacobs – 1.2.20 from Google

Jennifer was knowledgeable, quick to get back to me and polite. A good experience working with her.

Gary & Jill Smetana – 1/2/20 from Google

Jenny O. (does) an awesome job, Helping with our Health Ins. Very Glad for her help!

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