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Five Questions To Ask Your Agent

Dec 6, 2019
Five Q's to ask your Agent

Make Your Insurance Work For You Most people haven’t even looked at their policy in detail, let alone read it through front to back. I get it, it can be daunting – they use weird words and “insurance lingo” that just sounds like gibberish. That’s what your agent is for right? Yes… and no. Yes […]

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JS 5.11.20

I received great service from Gabe Cessna, and I am very satisfied with the service and product.

Naomi & Frank Zamora 4.16.20 (Frank Zamora’s Concrete)

Once again, our company will remain with Town & Country Insurance (Hinckley branch) because of their loyalty to us. Our renewal process has always been easy. They always put us first to make sure we are getting the best coverage for our money. Gabe & Vicki, our agents, are the best! They are there to […]

Jerry Telker 3.31.20 (Jerry’s Roadside Mowing)

I’ve been doing business with Town & Country for a number of years. When I started my business and was looking for liability insurance, I spoke to Vicki & Gabe. Vicki has gone over my coverages to make sure all is what I need for coverage. Always so helpful and friendly. She asked if I […]

Marv & Mary Ann Nelson – 11.4.19

Gabe was awesome! Great to deal with and (he) had our interests in mind. Thanks!

Top Five Risks of Working From Home

January 19, 2021

Now, more than ever, working from home is considered “the norm” for many. When you are at work in the office, those risks are mitigated by your employer – but what about those risks when working from home? Here are our top five risks of working from home: 1. Physical Safety. Most home office safety […]

Candle Safety Blog

Candle Safety

December 23, 2020

The smell of candles and the twinkle of candlelight seem to enhance the beauty and excitement of the holidays! Candles are a staple during power outages, and bring a softness and coziness to any living room. But, with open flames indoors, it’s essential that we practice candle safety. Our friends at RAM Mutual shared candle […]

Pine County Fast Grant

November 20, 2020

Pine County Fast Grants are available for Bars/Restaurants, Fitness Centers, Cinema, Theaters, and Bowling Alleys Businesses in Pine County that are identified under Emergency Executive Order 20-99 as 1) bar/restaurant 2) gymnasium, fitness or recreation center or 3) theater, cinema, or bowling alley, are eligible to apply for a Fast Grant of $4,000 to help […]

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