Basic Medicare Facts

Basic Medicare Facts

So what is Medicare?

Watch this short video, or read below for Basic Medicare Facts.

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Here are some basic Medicare facts, for those who are approaching Medicare eligibility in the next few years and curious about planning for their future.

  • Medicare is a government health insurance program, and you sign up through the Social Security Administration (SSA.)
  • You are eligible at age 65, even if you don’t retire.
  • Some folks get it under age 65 if they’ve got certain disabilities and if they are eligible in drawing social security benefits.
  • It’s administered by an agency we termed CMS, which stands for Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and is a federal agency.
  • It’s basic, affordable insurance. Most people look to private companies for additional coverage.
  • Medicare was created in two parts: Part A and Part B, and together this is called Original Medicare. Some call it “traditional Medicare” but you’ll see Original Medicare in most written material.
  • There are possible penalties if you don’t sign up for certain parts timely.
  • Some folks do delay Medicare, without penalty, if they are still working and on active group insurance.

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