Town & Country Insurance Proves That Insurance CAN Be Fun!!

Town & Country Insurance Proves That   Insurance CAN Be Fun!!

We are firm believers that insurance CAN be fun!

We know insurance can be fun because we treated our employees to a Grocery Cart Scramble at Daggett’s Fresh Foods in Hinckley.

If you’ve ever seen “Guy’s Grocery Games” on TV – you have an idea of what we are talking about. After their quarterly meeting (we all know employee meetings are the opposite of fun ) we invited everyone to Daggett’s, where we had four grocery carts decked out with racing flags waiting for them!

As employees enter, they were asked to draw a shape out of a jar. Once everyone was present, those whose paper matched the flags on the grocery carts were in the game! Those playing had five minutes to complete a scavenger hunt, and fill their carts with personal items.

Once the timer started, they had to get all ten items on the scavenger hunt list – using only item names & pictures to guide them. Luckily, they were all from the Hinckley office & visit Daggett’s on a regular basis. As they were shopping for scavenger hunt items, they were encouraged to fill their cart with whatever they wanted.

We pride ourselves on supporting community causes, but need share the love with our teams too! So when the time was up – they got to keep the personal items in their cart – provided they got all ten scavenger hunt items!

Coworkers helped each other.

Emotions ran high.

Competitive streaks came out.


In the end, the teamwork & comradery prevailed. Rachel, Sarah, Barb & Joni all came out winners. But most of all, we had fun.

“Move or I’ll run you over!” ~ Rachel

**We could not have done this without Rachel @ Daggett’s Fresh Foods! Thank you for all your help & support!

YouTube video

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