Meet Nancy!

In Nancy's words...

My husband and I are small town people; we grew up here (in Finlayson), went to school here and go to church here. I started at Town & Country Insurance in 1984, when we were a 2-person insurance office.

Now, with three offices and over 20 employees, our operations have changed substantially since then! Insurance itself has not. It's still about trying to protect people and property from the unforeseen events that can happen to them. In rural Minnesota, people don't live cookie-cutter lives with cookie-cutter properties & circumstances. They need an agent that can meet with them, take time to understand their unique insurance needs, and advocate for them. Insurance is a complicated business and I don't believe people are well-served by buying coverage online or over the phone.

I have known many of my customers my entire life. When you insure two, three or even four generations of a family, you work hard to protect the things that are valuable to them. I do not want to let them down.

We have been very involved in our community, trying to give back to the people and community that has supported us throughout the years. One thing we focus on here at Town & Country Insurance is education. We spend a lot of time and energy growing our collective knowledge of the industry. Understanding risk exposure and how to mitigate it takes experience and knowledge. One of my responsibilities is to make sure Town & Country's cumulative knowledge is available to all of our agents when they need it.

I am proud of...

I believe there will always be a need for "local" insurance professionals, and I am very proud of our current staff. They are caring, knowledgeable insurance people and I know that our customers are in good hands! I am excited about the future of Town & Country Insurance. 

Real customers.

Jess Schatz, June 2023

Nancy was able to identify what was needed for my specific coverage plan. Additionally, communication was stellar, and the responses to all of my questions were timely and easy to understand

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