Insurance for Moose Lake, Minnesota

Town & Country Insurance is proud to offer local expertise for your insurance needs in Moose Lake. Whether you need car insurance, insurance for your home, or business insurance we are here to help.

An Independent Insurance Agency for Moose Lake, MN

There is a significant difference between a captive agency and an independent agency. Town and Country is an independent insurance agency, which simply means that we offer insurance from multiple carriers. This allows us to shop rates and coverages for our clients so they can make a decision as to which carrier best fits their needs. Captive agents are only able to sell insurance from a single carrier, which may or may not be the best place to get your insurance. Call a Town & Country Insurance agent today at 888-679-6464 and put them to work for you.

Car Insurance in Moose Lake

Auto insurance covers more that just your car. Driving a car is one of the most dangerous activities we are involved in. If we are involved in an accident the insurance needs to not only be able to cover physical damage to our car, but also to the other driver’s car, medical expenses on both sides, expenses due to loss of work, and a number of other things. That means that within a single auto policy there are numerous coverages – liability, comprehensive, PIP, collision, etc. Navigating the maze of terms and the proper coverage requires professional advice. Our agents all have multiple years of experience and can handle your toughest questions.

Home Insurance in Moose Lake

A home is most people’s single greatest financial asset. The loss of a home due to fire or other natural disaster is simply one of the worst things a family or individual can experience. Town & Country Insurance understands this and has helped thousands of individuals navigate the complexities of homeowner’s insurance. There are a number of factors that go in to choosing the right insurance for your home. How will you handle costs associated with the loss of use of your home? What about the personal property in the home? Do you have any collectibles or jewelry that would exceed the standard a allotments and how should those items be covered? We will walk you through the process and make sure you have the appropriate levels of insurance. Email us or give us a call to look at your options.

Business Insurance in Moose Lake

Town & Country has seasoned, professional, and local commercial insurance agents. Businesses have many nuances when it comes to choosing the right insurance. Our agents will take the time to ask the right questions so a proper insurance audit can be done. We will then give you some options to ensure you get the best coverage for your business. Call us today at 888-679-6464.

Other Insurance Needs

With Moose Lake being on the shores of a beautiful lake many of our residents need insurance for boats or personal watercraft. Many of us enjoy getting out in the woods with ATVs so we need to insure those also. Also, since Moose Lake has experienced flooding in the past you may want to consider special flood insurance. Whatever your insurance needs are Town & Country is local and here to help.

Moose Lake, MN

Moose Lake is a community that survived the 1918 fires and we are a proud community of rugged Minnesotans. We are served by the Moose Lake Star Gazette, a weekly paper that is published every Thursday. For fans of animated movies or shows Moose Lake has made it into Strawberry Shortcake, Rio, and numerous episodes of Veggie Tales.

Moose Lake is a beautiful community with great eateries and an active lake.

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