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Mark Roach, August 2021

The entire group at the Finlayson office are consummate professionals. My direct agent is April Alberg she is very knowledgeable and responsive. **customer since 2015**

Christine Wipson(Our New Adventures LLC-), August 2021

They made our business insurance experience simple and cost effective. Highly recommend! **customer since 2020**

Kevin Rondeau, August 2021

**customer since 2008**

Susan Carlson, August 2021

April does a great job for us!! **customer since 2004**

Ron & Paula Dexter, July 2021

Love April. Always very responsive **customer since 2013**

Robert Flach Jr., July 2021

Your Agent April Alberg has always done a great job with insurance needs. **customer since 2013**

Thane & Cathy Sheetz, July 2021

Our agent, April Alberg, is doing a great job! **customer since 2019**

Loren & Darlene Collis, July 2021

As always very helpful and prompt. Friendly staff. Any issues we have had in the past have been taken care of in a prompt and caring way. Much appreciation to April. She has always been there to help us out. Thank you! **customer since 2013**

John Cambronne, July 2021

April and all of the staff have been very responsive to my needs providing me with great coverage. There was a high level of trust and a great working relationship. All the best to the staff John **customer since 2013**

Gerald & Margaret Webinger, July 2021

April is always very helpful in answering my questions or solving any issues I might have. **customer since 2013**

David & Dawn Hawkinson, July 2021

April has gone above and beyond for us and is always helpful when we needed it. **customer since 2017**

Susan, May 2021

Always a pleasure to work with your staff!

Neil Johnson, March 2021

These people are warm, friendly, and they took the time to understand my needs. I was able to get better coverage and a responsive team. Thank you Town & Country!! **customer since 2021**

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